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Tiina Rosenberg

Finland/Sweden. Tiina Rosenberg is the rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. She is also the chair of Finland’s Arts Council, and a professor of Performance Studies at Stockholm University. Rosenberg has previously been professor of gender studies at Stockholm University and at Lund University, and has written extensively on performing arts, feminism and queer theory. Rosenberg’s most recent book, entitled Ilska, hopp och solidaritet. Med feministisk scenkonst in i framtiden [Anger, Hope and Solidarity: Carrying Feminist Performance Art into the Future, 2012], is a study of contemporary feminist performance in Sweden. She is working on a new book Arvot mekin ansaitsemme: kansakunta, demokratia ja tasa-arvo [We Have the Values We Deserve: Nation, Democracy and Equality] forthcoming in the fall 2014.



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