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Grégoire Callies

Regisseur und Leiter des Théâtre Jeune Public, Straßburg.

Grégoire Callies studied the art of mime and mask at the Dullin school with Carlo Boso, Pavel Rouba and Etienne Decroux. Writer, actor, marionettiste and stage director, he founded in 1986 the Théâtre du Chemin Creux with Jeanne Vitez. Together they produced 10 plays. In January 1997, he started to direct the TJP Strasbourg / CDN d’Alsace and staged numerous performances. His work focuses on the relation between the puppet and the interpreter, the body of the actor in the space and the transmission of the actor towards the puppet. He makes the challenge to combine famous theatre plays with puppets. Each play is conceived with the same intention: to give the children the urge to change the world. He is the director of the company „Le Pilier des Anges“.

Stand: 2013 (Datum der letzten Veröffentlichung bei Theater der Zeit)



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