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Maria F. Scaroni

is a dance artist. She interprets choreographic works, creates dances and hosts dance workshops. She trained independently and moved to Berlin in 2004, where she works as a freelance dancer performing and/or creating with Jess Curtis, Jeremy Wade, Frank Willens, Tino Sehgal, Vania Rovisco, Hannah Hegenscheidt, Wilhelm Groe ner, (a.o.). Since 2011 Maria F. Scaroni has been collaborating with Meg Stuart in “City Lights”, “Until Our Hearts Stop”, “Built To Last” and “Sketches/Note book” with its following initiative “Supernova”, sharing the commitment to improvisation as a performance event with her and part of the Berlin dance community. Scaroni’s choreographic works focus on the process of collaboration, play with durational experiences and are featured by a crossbreeding 138 between performance, choreography and installation. Maria teaches at Berlin’s University HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance and at independent train ing programs such as Ponderosa, Smash.



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