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André Gregory

geboren am 11. Mai 1934 in Frankreich, ist einer der wichtigsten Vertreter der US-amerikanischen Avantgarde-Theaterbewegung.

One of the most impo t ant forces in American theatre for nearly forty years, Gregory was one of the original creators of the regional theatre movement, the off-Broadway movement in New York, and with his partner Wallace Shawn, the American independent film movement. Among many other productions, Shawn and Gregory created “My Dinner With André”, filmed and directed by Louis Malle. The partnership between Shawn, Malle and Gregory later resulted in the film “Vanya on 42nd Street”.
As an actor, Grego y has performed in several films, for instance “The Last Temptation of Christ” by Martin Scorsese, “Mosquito Coast” by Peter Weir and “Celebrity” by Woody Allen.
Always breaking new ground, Gregory is now a visual artist.



von André Gregory

This Is Not My Memoir

Exzerpte aus von den Anfängen der Theater-Revolution, den Filmproduktionen „My Dinner with André“ und „Vanya on 42nd street“ und von den Kämpfen um die Rolle des Künstlers in der Gesellschaft



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